Time Travel

Discover the innovative 1,300 m² adventure world in Vienna near Graben/Michaelerplatz. Time Travel Vienna will enable you to feel and experience Vienna’s eventful history in a unique way by means of 5D cinema, animatronic wax figures, diverse rides and multimedia shows as well as extraordinary sound and light effects. Time Travel Vienna appeals to people of any age, locals and tourists: anybody who wants to learn something about the history of Vienna. Shows last 50 minutes and are compact and prepared in an exciting manner while humorously accompanied by tour guides.
The period from the roman camp Vindobona to present time is presented in an humerous manner which makes it a fascinating experience for young and old. Welcome to your journey to the heart of Vienna! Let your personal tour guide take you through the historical masonries of the monastery St. Michael, where you will discover a magical world full of insights, sensations and emotions. In a unique interaction of historical content and top modern entertainment technology Time Travel Vienna makes history come alive.


  • 5D Cinema: Experience the magic of the Time Ride, which takes you tlying 2000 years back in history.
  • Habsburger Show: Watch the famous Austrian Emperor family come alive in the Imperial Theatre.
  • The plague pit: Time Travel takes you right back in time to Vienna's last major plague epidemic in 1679.
  • Mozart & Strauss: Experience a humorous conversation between two well-known personalities of Viennas music history.
  • Viennese Waltz Ride: Experience the lightness and grandeur of Vienna's timeless music in the colourful Waltz Ride.
  • War Years: How was the war really like? Experience an air raid of World War II.
  • Occupied Vienna: Learn more about Vienna in the years 1945-1955
  • Fiaker Ride: Finally, travel back to the present in the enchanting Fiaker Ride.