Enjoy unlimited use of the Hop on, hop off sightseeing bus tours with the Vienna PASS. Whether with the yellow double-decker buses or the open-top buses you can take extensive tours and enjoy a comfortable view of Vienna’s most beautiful attractions, landmarks, and monuments. You can get on and off as often as you like at the 50 stops. This allows you to put together your own personal tour of Vienna. En route the audio guides in 16 languages ensure that you are well informed about the attractions.

Please note that dogs and other animals are not permitted on the Hop on, hop off buses. An exception is made for service dogs.

Here is a map of downtown Vienna to download.

Here is a map of all Hop On Hop Off Stations  to download.


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Red Line

With the Red Line you can discover the magnificent Baroque buildings on Vienna Ring Road, drive past the Vienna State Opera, Burgtheater to the MAK (Museum of Applied Art).

It is best to start at the impressive Vienna State Opera which is across from the Vienna Welcome Center. From here you pass the impressive Renaissance buildings, the twin museum buildings (the Museum of Art History and the Natural History Museum). Directly across from the two museums you see a special building highlight on Vienna Ring Road, the largest palace complex in the world, namely, Vienna’s Imperial Palace. Take advantage of the Vienna PASS, get off at any time, and see the city not just from the bus. After you have admired the Imperial Palace from every angle, it is worthwhile continuing by bus. Go past the Parliament, whose architecture if reminiscent of Greece, and in front of which your will find a 5.5-metre-high statue of the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, move on to the Augarten, Vienna’s oldest Baroque park. At the 13th stop, the MAK stop, you can transfer easily to the Blue Line.

Blue Line

The Blue Line, also referred to as the Danube route, leads you out of the city right up to the highest landmark in Vienna, the Danube Tower.

Take advantage of the Vienna PASS because you have a free ride on the Express Lift up the Danube Tower. From a height of 150 metres you have the best view of the city thanks to the breath-taking 360° panoramic view. The route leads to the Prater, the popular amusement park where you will find the world’s oldest working Ferris Wheel.

Yellow Line

The Yellow Line is the most popular tour for history buffs. You can start your tour at the Vienna State Opera, but also from the twin museums.

Immerse yourself in the eventful past of the imperial city and be enchanted by the luxury and pomp of Schönbrunn Palace – one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. The Gloriette, the Hedge Maze, the Children’s Museum, the Privy Garden, and don’t forget the Grand Tour of the Palace are all included in the Vienna PASS. Moving along, the route leads to Vienna’s most popular and largest market, the Naschmarkt, to the Museum of Military History, and to Belvedere Palace.

Tip: Arrive at Schönbrunn Palace early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the masses of tourists and to enjoy the Palace without the hustle and bustle.

Green Line

Do you want to go beyond downtown Vienna and explore the green side of the city? Then this is the right route for you. It’s best to start the tour at the Burgtheater or at the University of Vienna, where you have the option of transferring from the Red Line to the Green Line.

When you arrive at Kahlenberg Mountain an impressive view of Vienna will welcome you. From here you can stroll down through Viennese vineyards. Now would be a good time to visit one of the numerous Viennese wine taverns because, "Vienna without wine taverns would be like Franzl without Sisi". Let yourself by enchanted the delicacies of Viennese cuisine and enjoy the culinary vacation moments in Vienna.

City Walking Tour

On a City Walking Tour our guides show you attractions and historical places in Vienna and tell you many interesting facts about the city of Vienna. The starting and meeting point for this tour through downtown Vienna is in front of the famous Vienna State Opera. You will be impressed not only by the buildings, but also by the many stories which surround them. The city walking tour is included in the Hop on, hop off ticket and in the Vienna PASS.

Boat Ride

Drift away on the waves and discover Vienna from the water. You can choose from three routes. Please take note of the availability of each route. One-time use only possible.

Route A

Route A starts at Schwedenplatz (Hop on, hop off stop no. 12, Schwedenplatz, Red Line).
Travel on the Danube Canal past the Urania Observatory and then past the green park of the Prater. See the Freudenau Lock and the Marina Wien yacht harbour. Your boat ride ends at the Shipping Centre at the Wiener Reichsbrücke (Hop on, hop off stop no. 20, Reichsbrücke/DDSG, Blue Line). Nearby is the impressive church of St. Francis of Assisi.

This route is combinable with the Vienna PASS, but not included.
Duration: 2 hours 

Route B

Route B shows you the modern side of Vienna with its urban skyline.
Start at the Reichsbrücke (Hop on, hop off stop no. 20, Reichsbrücke / DDSG, Blue Line). Travel past the UNO City, the Danube Tower, and the new district, Donau City. The route heads out of the city to the blue Danube to Nussdorf Lock. After a brief stop, the trip continues on the Danube Canal. The trip ends at the newly designed Wien City ship station at Schwedenplatz (Hop on, hop off stop no. 12, Schwedenplatz, Red Line).

This route is combinable with the Vienna PASS, but not included.
Duration: 1.5 hours 

Route C

This is a round trip on the Danube Canal. Schwedenplatz in the heart of Vienna (Hop on, hop off stop no. 12, Schwedenplatz, Red Line) is the start and end point.
The route goes upstream to the historical Nussdorf Lock and back and offers a unique view of the attractions in the downtown core like of the Ring Tower, the Rossauer Barracks, and the Urania.

This route is the only one that is included int the Vienna PASS.
Duration: 1.5 hours